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            Transnational Corporations page


            "... the establishment can't admit [that] it is human rights violations that make ... countries attractive to business-so history has to be fudged, including denial of our support of regimes of terror and the practices that provide favorable climates of investment, and our destabilization of democracies that [don't] meet [the] standard of service to the transnational corporation..."

            Edward Herman, author


            Global Trade Watch - Public Citizen



            Oil watch
            Diamonds page


            When Corporations Rule the World - David Korten
            Oil and Empire: The Battle for El Dorado - Greg Guma
            Brave New World Order - Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
            Corporate Predators - Russel Mokhiber & Robert Weissman
            Corporation Nation - Charles Derber
            Corporations Are Gonna Get Your Mama - Kevin Danaher
            Cutting Corporate Welfare - Ralph Nader
            Global Village or Global Pillage - Jeremy Brecher

            Globalization - the No-Nonsense guide - Wayne Ellwood
            Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform - Gary Teeple
            Globalization and Its Discontents - Joseph E. Stiglitz
            Globalize This! - Kevin Danaher & Roger Burbach
            One World, Ready or Not - William Greider

            Post-Corporate World, The - David Korten
            Silent Takeover, The - Norena Hertz

            Water Wars - Vandana Shiva
            WTO, The - Lori Wallach & Michelle Sforza


            The Naked Lobbyist - most powerful corporate lobby groups uncovered

            Bolivian Protesters Win Water War with Bechtel
            Nigeria Deception
            Nike in Vietnam
            Shell Oil Rules Nigeria
            Work Ethics
            Controlling corporations and democratizing the world economy
            US corporations in Burma
            Burma's gulag & its supporters in the West
            Stateless corporation
            Corporate Rules of the Game
            Corporate Power and the Quality of Life
            Nike's exploited workers
            Oil companies fuel oppression in Burma
            Hired guns
            Winners Take All
            Exxon and Shell's plans for Chad
            Peru goes beneath the Shell
            Taming the Multinational Beast
            Earth Predators
            Chiquita Banana
            Dissolve UNOCAL
            Terminator Seeds - Monsanto
            Bananas, Bulldozers and Bullets - Chiquita Banana
            Drilling and Killing - Shell and Chevron in Nigeria
            Monsanto Moves to Tighten Its Grip on GIobal Agriculture
            Shell in Nigeria - Project Underground
            Assassins in Foreign Lands: Nigerian HR Activist Oronto Douglas
            Nigeria: In a Land of Oil and Agony
            Death by Diamonds
            U.S. Military and Corporate Recolonization of the Congo
            International Corporate Crime -Corporate Watch
            Genetic Engineering and the Privatization of Seeds
            Nigeria: Shell of a State
            Fool's Gold
            It's The Real Thing: Murder - Coca Cola in Colombia
            Monsanto and the 'Drug War'
            Court orders UNOCAL to stand trial for abuses in Burma
            Corporate Human Rights
            The Profits of Famine - Southern Africa's Long Decade of Hunger
            The Great Health Grab - Big Pharma
            Stop Killer Coke! - Colombia
            Out of Burma - Multinationals End Ties with Burmese Dictatorship (2/04)
            Bhopal: A living legacy of corporate greed (12/04)
            Bluewash - corporations polish up their humanitarian image (1/05)
            See No Evil - How American businesses collaborate with China178彩票's repressive government (11/05)
            Hitler's Carmaker: The Inside Story of How General Motors Helped Mobilize the Third Reich (5/07)
            When Corporations Rule the World - David Korten - excerpt - 2nd Edition (9/08)
            Merchants of Death: Exposing Corporate-financed Holocaust in Africa (12/08)
            Chiquita in Latin America (7/09)

            Transnational Corporations

            178彩票 Page