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            Oil watch

            U.S. Oil Imports

            The U.S. with 4.5% of the world's population, uses 26% of the world's oil.

            In 2001, the U.S imported 54% of the oil it needed, importing 11-12 million barrels a day and producing about 8-9 million a day to provide the 20 million barrels a day the U.S. consumes daily.

            Of those imports, 48% came from the Western Hemisphere and 30% came from the Persian Gulf region, with the rest coming from Africa and Europe.

            [Source: Energy Information Administration - 5/02]


            Although the U.S. imports only 11.4 % of its oil from the Persian Gulf region, that area contains 590 billion barrels of known reserves. Add Iran, Libya and Algeria and you have another 130 billion barrels. The enormous pool of oil stretching form Algeria to Iran is estimated at 720 billion barrels. The reserves expected from the Caspain Sea in Central Asia will be added to this total in a few years.

            [Source - American Petroleum Institute, 2003]

            Global Reserves and Production of Petroleum (as calculated in 1999)
            Oil Facts - 2002 - 2004

            Oil Industry Statistics - 2006
            World Oil Reserves/Production/Consumption
            Global Imports of Persian Gulf Oil - 1997 and 178彩票官网


            Project Underground - link
            Oil Empire.US - link


            Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf - Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network - Dean Henderson
            Oil and Empire: The Battle for El Dorado
            Resource Wars - The New Landscape of Global Conflict - Michael Klare
            Century of War, A - Anglo-American Oil Politics & New World Order - William Engdahl


            Oil: World Reserves, Production, & Consumption
            A Resource War - Afghanistan
            U.S. Intervention in the Middle East: Blood for Oil (12/2000)

            "Whereas international conflict was until recently governed by political and ideological considerations, the wars of the future will largely be fought over the possession and control of vital economic goods-especially resources needed for the functioning of modern industrial societies.

            Michael Klare

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            Chevron Lobbies White House to Pressure Ecuador to Stop $12 Billion Amazon Pollution Lawsuit - an Amy Goodman interview - August 5, 2008
            Chevron vs. Ecuadorean activists - epic legal battle (5/09)
            Shell co-opted Nigerian military (6/09)
            Eager to Tap Iraq's Vast Oil Reserves, Industry Execs Suggested Invasion (7/09)

            Transnational Corporations & the Third World

            Globalization watch

            178彩票 Page