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            Middle East watch

            "For the most part, Israel is the subcontractor for American arms to the 'Third World.' There is no terrible regime-Colombia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile during the time of the colonels, Burma, Taiwan, Zaire, Liberia, Congo, Sierra Leone-there is not one that does not have a major military connection to Israel.... So this is the missing piece... Israel is a key member of the empire."

            Jeff Halper

            Background to the Israel-Palestine Crisis - Stephen Shalom

            "By 1988, Israel possessed nearly 200 nuclear weapons of various types, and a fleet of fighter aircraft designed for nuclear payloads. Israel's tactical nuclear arsenal at the time included land mines planted along the Golan Heights. Currently, Tel Aviv's Nes Tziyona Biological Institute produces chemical and biological weapons, and its arsenal features ballistic and cruise missiles designed for nuclear warheads, at least 200 neutron bombs, and F-16 fighter jets designed to carry chemical and biological payloads."

            CovertAction Quarterly magazine

            Ten Things to Know about US Policy in Middle East - Stephen Zunes

            "It is both my Jewish and human duty to resolutely refuse to take any part in this army. As the son of a people victim to pogroms and destruction, I cannot be a part of your insane policies. As a human being, it is my duty to refuse to participate in any institution which commits crimes against humanity."

            Sergio Yahni, Israeli army 'refusnik', March 19, 2002

            America is Not a Role Model - Ha'aretz
            Strangling the Messengers - Palestine and high price of telling truth

            "Israel [is] the key US client in the region [Middle East]. The $6 billion annually sent to Israel is not charity. In exchange for this income, Israel, the last European settler-colonial state, has both accepted a role as lightning rod for anti-US sentiments in the Arab world, and assumed anti-democratic counter-insurgency responsibilities in defense of US interests ..."

            CovertAction Quarterly

            If Americans Knew - Israel/Palestine website


            Middle East

            Consequences Of Empire-50 years of US war & intrigue in Middle East

            Bitter, bitter tears
            Denial: The Enemy of Peace
            Our Man in Morocco
            Apocalypse Now - Edward Said
            The House of Saud
            Population Growth and Water Resources in the Middle East
            Behind the Fog of Deception - Washington's real war aims
            Bush and Blair's hidden agenda
            A Resource War - Afghanistan
            Oil and the Islamists
            Imperialism - Washington's gamble for a new Middle East
            Middle East Madness
            U.S. Intervention in the Middle East: Blood for Oil (12/2000)

            Iraq, Palestine, and U.S. Imperialism (7/04)
            Oil and Democracy Don't Mix (11/04)
            A Perfect Geopolitical Storm Taking Shape - Iraq, Iran, Hamas, and cartoons (2/06)
            The U.S. Empire Makes Its Move To Take Over The Middle East (7/06)
            Do America and Israel want the Middle East engulfed by civil war? (12/06)
            American Genocide In The Middle East: Three Million and Counting (8/07)
            Permanent Bases in the Region [Middle East] (2/08)
            The Sources of Arabs' Shame: Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia (1/09)
            Causes and Consequences of Our Foreign Policy in the Middle East and What It Means for Americans (2/09)


            Israel watch

            Israel Foreign Policy

            Israel Foreign Policy

            Israeli Foreign Policy:Weapons Manufacturing Industry
            Israel and South Africa
            Israel, Nicaragua and the Contras
            Israel and Central America
            Israel and Guatemala
            Israel, Honduras and Costa Rica
            Israel and El Salvador


            Iraq page

            An American Tragedy - U.S. sanctions & Iraq
            Killing Iraq
            Iraq's Lost Generation
            Iraq's Children
            Effect of economic sanctions on Iraqi people
            Cruel Cost of Iraq Sanctions
            Challenging Iraq Sanctions
            The Unending War In Iraq
            Ten Years After (Iraq) by Michael Parenti
            The Deadliest Weapon - Sanctions and Public Health in Iraq
            The Secret Behind the Sanctions - U.S Destroyed Iraq's Water Supply
            Iraqi Sanctions: Myth and Fact
            New Century, Old Crime
            Shame on You, Madeleine Albright - by Hanan Ashrawi

            Saudi Arabia

            Saudis and Americans: Friends in Need
            U.S. War Plans & the Saudi Arabia Debate
            Saudi Arabia, a Kingdom Divided (5/06)
            Watchdog [Human Rights Watch] Cites Saudi Human Rights Abuses (2/07)

            "There are no competitive elections for president, for prime minister, nor for any kind of legislative body that can initiate and pass meaningful laws or make real policy in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, or other autocratic governments in that region supported with American military and economic aid. "

            Stephen Zunes


            Lebanon - water war


            Cambodia All Over Again? - Syria (11/05)
            The neocons' next war - Syria and Iran (8/06)


            Sometimes the Dog Wags the Tail [U.S. Role in Israel's War on Lebanon] (5/07)


            Iran watch


            Kurds in Turkey - Still fighting for freedom (1/07)


            War On Terror or War On Disaffected Yemenis? (12/09)


            Egypt (North Africa watch)

            Foreign Policy and Pentagon

            Israel watch

            178彩票 Page