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            Environment watch

            "[Conservation International was] founded in 1987 by transnational corporate executives representing ( Intel, McDonalds, BP, The Gap, Starbucks and others, Cl's stated mission is to protect 'biodiversity hotspots" ... but in reality the group serves as little more than a "front group" for transnational corporate exploitation." Around the world, Chiapas, Palawan (Philippines), Colombia, West Papua, Aceh (Indonesia), Madagascar and Papua New Guinea to name a few, have been targeted as biodiversity hotspots.

            Conservation International focuses particularly on tropical and sub-tropical rainforests for "protection" against the traditional agricultural practices of the Indigenous inhabitants while ignoring the rapacious behavior of its multinational corporate patrons. For example, in August 2003, the Energy and Biodiversity Initiative, a CI creation, released a report entitled "Energy & Diversity: Integrating Biodiversity Conservation into Oil & Gas Development." With over 1,000 groups active in over 30 countries and hundreds of millions in assets and spending, CI is perhaps the world's largest and wealthiest "environmental" group. With an emphasis on "market solutions" and "privatization," and an incestuous relationship with some of the worst corporate environmental outlaws, Cl (and its corporate controlled cousins like The Nature Conservancy, the World Wildlife Fund, and The World Conservation Union) is a Trojan Horse for the multinationals within the environmental movement."

            John Steinbach, Philip Wheaton, and Milton Shapiro - CovertAction Quarterly


            Greening, The - Environmentalists' Drive for Global Power - Larry Abraham with Franklin Sanders
            Living Downstream - Sandra Steingraber
            If You Love This Planet - Helen Caldicott

            Private Blue Planet

            Dolphin & Whale page



            Global Climate Change/Global Warming

            Conflicting Views on Climate Change: Fire & Ice (12/09) [originally published May 2006]



            Full Nets - Empty Seas
            Baja's Whales vs. Mitsubishi

            Factory Farming

            The Dirt on Factory Farms
            Meat Factory
            McFarms Go Hog Wild
            Appetite for Destruction - shrimp farming


            Philly Waste Go 178彩票
            South Asia and the waste traders
            Toxic Wastes and the New World Order, Part 1
            The Myth of Living Safely in a Toxic World
            Is Your Bathtub a Toxic Dump?


            This Report Brought to You by Monsanto
            Agent Orange
            Union Carbide's devastation in Bhopal,India
            Bhopal: A living legacy of corporate greed (12/04)

            Freeport-McMoRan's poisoning of Irian Jaya, Indonesia
            Gouging for gold in Irian Jaya


            The Spraying of America (3/05)



            Shell Oil's rainforest destruction plan for Peru
            Flames of Shell in Nigeria
            Shell Oil and the environmental devastation of Ogoniland, Nigeria
            Texaco's rainforest destruction in Ecuador
            Texaco's Ecological Terrorism of the Ecuadorian Amazon
            WWF nominates Shell for environmental award

            "One of the intentions of corporate-controlled media is to instill in people a sense of disempowerment, of immobilization and paralysis. Its outcome is to turn you into good consumers. It is to keep people isolated, to feel that there is no possibility for social change."

            David Barsamian, journalist and publisher


            Organic Standards are in Jeopardy
            The Gag Reflex
            Veggie Libel
            Here Comes the Sun - Whatever happened to soIar energy?
            The Age of Frankenstein by Eduardo Galeano

            " To provide its happy people with perpetual fun is now the deepest purpose of Western civilization."

            Jeremy Seabrook, Third World Network

            Green Power: A Global Goal
            World Trade Organization and environmental laws
            "Adjusting" the Environment
            Silent Spring II
            Structural Adjustment and the Environment
            World Bank, IMF and the Environment
            Bush's Environmental Record

            Another Tragically Beautiful Day - An interview with Ross Gelbspan by David Ross

            " The purpose of commercial [media] is to induce mass sales. For mass sales there must be a mass norm ... By suppressing the individual, the unique, the industry ... assures itself a standard product for mass consumption."

            John Whiting, writer, commenting on the homogenization of corporate media program content


            Worldwatch Institute

            Democracy and Society

            178彩票 Page