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            CIA watch


            American Police State, The - David Wise
            Boomerang - Mark Zepezauer
            Blowback - Christopher Simpson
            Blowback - Chalmers Johnson

            Break-ins, Death Threats and the FBI
            Challenging the Secret Government - Post-Watergate Investigation of CIA & FBI
            CIA Diary - Philip Agee
            CIA's Greatest Hits - Mark Zepezauer
            Cocaine Politics - Peter Dale Scott
            Covert Action - the Roots of Terrorism - ed. E. Ray & W. Schaap

            Deadly Deceits - Ralph McGehee
            In Search of Enemies - John Stockwell
            JFK - The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy - L. Fletcher Prouty

            Lawless State, The - Morton Halperin
            Predatory States - Operation Condor in Latin America - J. Patrice McSherry

            Safe For Democracy - the Secret Wars of the CIA - John Prados
            Secret Government, The - Bill Moyers
            Secrets - CIA's war at 178彩票网 - Angus Mackenzie
            Secret Team, The - the CIA and its Allies in Control of the United States and the World - L. Fletcher Prouty

            War At 178彩票 - Brian Glick
            Challenging the Secret Government - K Olmsted

            Who Killed JFK ?

            The Secret Wars of the CIA - John Stockwell

            The National Endowment for Democracy page


            The CIA's Worst Kept Secret - Gehlen Org (5/01)
            CIA clears itself of drug charge
            Project X, drugs and death squads
            The CIA and the crack cocaine epidemic in America
            Time to abolish the CIA
            The CIA out of control -- the Guatemala lesson
            Admissions and omissions - the CIA in Guatemala
            Former CIA operative talks about CIA in Latin America
            CIA death squads in Latin America
            Reagan's legacy -- 8 years of CIA covert action
            CIA and Indonesian massacre in 1965
            Believe it or not... the CIA answers some questions
            CIA's operating procedure
            CIA's Drug Connection
            Still Seeing Red - CIA fosters death squads in Colombia
            The Corruption of Covert Actions
            Establishment Newspapers Do Damage Control for the CIA
            CIA's Drug Confession
            The Chile Coup -- The U.S. Hand
            Inside U.S. Counterinsurgency: A Soldier Speaks
            CIA, Cocaine, and Death Squads
            Pulling Back the Veil on Condor
            Organized Crime, The CIA and the Savings and Loan Scandal
            CIA outrages in Chile
            CIA Admits Tolerating Contra-Cocaine Trafficking in 1980s
            The ClO without the CIA:Inside the AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center
            Secrets R US
            CIA gave $10 million to Peru's spymaster Montesinos
            Jim Garrison, KGB, & CIA - by Oliver Stone
            Official Reveals Budget for U.S. Intelligence (11/05)
            U.S. Leaders are Using Pinochet's Playbook (12/05)
            The CIA, Contras, Gangs, and Crack (11/06)

            CIA-assisted plot to overthrow Laos foiled (6/07)
            The CIA's 'Family Jewels' - still evil after all these years (6/07)
            The Life and Times of the CIA - review of the book - Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA by Tim Weiner by Chalmers Johnson, TomDispatch (7/07)
            R.J. Hillhouse "Outsourced" - National Security Contracted to Private Firms - interviewed by Amy Goodman, Democracy Now, July 26, 2007
            "Thousands" Illegally Rendered By Bush Administration for Interrogation, Torture (11/07)
            Ex-Italian President: 9/11 inside job run by CIA & Mossad (12/07)
            "Operation Condor" Was No Mystery to Washington (1/08)
            Gladio - Death Plan For Democracy (2/08)
            The CIA Is More Active Than Ever In Venezuela (5/08)
            The Assassination Bureau - Killing Hope, Sowing Terror (7/09)
            The CIA's Ghosts of Tegucigalpa [Honduras] (7/09)
            The CIA, licensed to kill (8/09)
            Are (US) Presidents Afraid of the CIA? (12/09)

            Covert Activities page

            FBI watch

            National Security Agency (NSA) watch

            178彩票 Page