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            Excerpted Books page


            1984 - George Orwell (1949)
            9/11 and American Empire - Intellectuals Speak Out - edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott
            9-11 - Noam Chomsky
            9/11 Synthetic Terror - made in the USA - Webster Griffin Tarpley

            Act of State, An - the execution of Martin Luther King - William F. Pepper
            Africa Doesn't Matter - how the West has failed the poorest continent - Giles Bolton
            After the Cataclysm - Noam Chomsky / Edward Herman
            Against Empire - Michael Parenti

            Against the Conventional Wisdom - Doug Dowd
            Age of American Unreason, The - Susan Jacoby

            Amazing Grace - Jonothan Kozol
            America Besieged - Michael Parenti
            America Challenged - William O. Douglas

            America Right or Wrong - an Anatomy of American Nationalism - Anatol Lieven
            American Axis, The - Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and Rise of Third Reich - Max Wallace
            American Conspiracies - Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us - Jesse Ventura with Dick Russell

            American Dynasty - Kevin Phillips
            American Empire - Realities and Consequences of U.S. Diplomacy -Andrew Bacevich
            American Fascists - Christian Right and War on America - Chris Hedges
            American Holocaust - David Stannard
            American Police State, The - the government against the people - David Wise

            American Theocracy - radical religion, oil, and borrowed money in the 21st century - Kevin Phillips
            America's Secret Establishment - An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones - Antony Sutton
            America's "War on Terrorism" - Michel Chossudovsky

            Amusing Ourselves to Death - Neil Postman
            An Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire - Arundhati Roy
            Anatomy of Fascism - Robert O. Paxton
            Anglo-American Establishment, The - Carroll Quigley

            Another World Is Possible - Ed. Jee Kim, Jeremy Glick, et al
            Arms Trade - the No-Nonsense guide - Gideon Burrows
            Assassinations, The - Probe magazine investigations into the assassinations of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy

            Atheism - The Case Against God - George H. Smith

            "Only the grand scale and technocratic impersonality of the crimes conceived and directed by the [U.S.] ruling elite acting under cover of state authority distinguish them from garden variety killers."

            Darrell Hamamoto

            Bad News - The Decline of Reporting - Tom Fenton
            Bad Samaritans - the Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism - Ha-Joon Chang

            Banana Republicans - Rampton and Stauber
            Behind the War on Terror - Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
            Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The - Greg Palast
            Betraying the National Interest - Francis Moore Lappe', R Schuman & K Danaher
            Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf - Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network - Dean Henderson

            Bilderberg Group, The - Daniel Estulin
            Bioterror - Manufacturing Wars the American Way - ed. E Ray & W Schaap
            Blackshirts and Reds - Michael Parenti
            Blowback - Chalmers Johnson
            Blowback - Christopher Simpson
            Boomerang - Mark Zepezauer
            Brave New World Order - Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
            Brave New World Revisited -Aldous Huxley

            Break-ins, Death Threats and the FBI - Ross Gelbspan
            Broken Promises of America, The - at 178彩票网 and abroad, past and present - Volumes 1 & 2 - Douglas Dowd

            Buried Alive - Walter Karp
            Burning All Illusions - David Edwards
            Bush Agenda, The - Invading the World, One Economy at a Time - Antonia Juhasz

            " The political leadership of this country178彩票, as exemplified by the campaign positions of Bush and Kerry, has become so obsessed with our own security fears and so convinced of our own virtue that it has very little to offer in the way of positive socioeconomic development initiatives. To most of the people of Latin America, Africa and Asia, the United States has largely become irrelevant to their hopes for a better future -- except as a potential market for some of their goods or as a source of outsourced jobs."

            Sherle Schewenninger

            Case Against the Fed, The - Murray N. Rothbard
            Celling of America, The - Daniel Burton-Rose

            Censored Foreign Policy stories - Project Censored
            Century of War, A - Anglo-American Oil Politics & New World Order - William Engdahl

            Challenging the Secret Government - K Olmsted
            China178彩票 Study, The - The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health - T. Colin Campbell
            CIA Diary - Philip Agee
            CIA's Greatest Hits - Mark Zapezauer
            Citizens of the Empire - Robert Jensen

            Clash of Civilizations, The - Huntington
            Clash of Fundamentalisms, The - Tariq Ali
            Class. Caste & Hierarchies - the No-Nonsense guide - Jeremy Seabrook
            Class War in America - Charles M. Kelly
            Cocaine Politics - Peter Dale Scott
            Colombia and the United States - War & Destabilization - Mario Murillo
            Committee of 300, The - the New World Order and the Conspirator's Hierarchy - John Coleman
            Common Good - Noam Chomsky
            Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - John Perkins

            Confronting Empire - Eqbal Ahmad
            Confronting the Third World - Gabriel Kolko
            Conglomerates and the Media - Erik Barnouw, et al
            Conscience of a Liberal, The - Paul Krugman
            Conservatives Without Conscience - by John Dean

            Contrary Notions -The Michael Parenti Reader
            Corporate Media & Threat to Democracy - McChesney
            Corporate Predators - Russel Mokhiber & Robert Weissman
            Corporation Nation - Charles Derber
            Corporations Are Gonna Get Your Mama - Kevin Danaher
            Corruption of American Politics, The - Elizabeth Drew

            Covert Action - the Roots of Terrorism - ed. E. Ray & W. Schaap
            Crashing the Party - Ralph Nader
            Creature from Jekyll Island, The - the Federal Reserve - G. Edward Griffin

            Crime and Punishment in America - Elliot Currie
            Criminal Injustice - Elihu Rosenblatt

            Critical Condition - Donald L. Bartlett and James B. Steele
            Crossing the Rubicon - The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil - Michael Ruppert
            Cry of the People - Penny Lernoux
            Culture of Terrorism, The - Noam Chomsky
            Cutting Corporate Welfare - Ralph Nader

            "Cuba has ... been condemned for not allowing its people to flee the island. That so many want to leave Cuba is treated as proof that Cuban socialism is a harshly repressive system, rather than that the U.S. embargo has made life difficult in Cuba. That so many millions more want to leave capitalist countries like Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, El Salvador, Philippines, South Korea, Macedonia, and others too numerous to list is never treated as grounds for questioning the free-market system that inflicts such misery on the Third World."

            Michael Parenti

            Damning the Flood: Haiti, Aristide, and the Politics of Containment - Peter Hallward
            Dark Ages America - Morris Berman
            Dark Victory - Walden Bello
            Deadly Deceits - Ralph McGehee
            Declarations of Independence - Howard Zinn
            Decline and Fall of the American Empire, The - Gore Vidal
            Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting - David Barsamian
            Defense Against The Psychopath - Stefan H. Verstappen
            Deliberate Deceptions - U.S.-Israeli Relationship - Paul Findley
            Deliver Us From Evil - William Shawcross
            Democracy - the No-Nonsense guide - Richard Swift
            Democratic Facade, The - Daniel Hellinger
            Democracy Matters - Cornel West
            Descent Into Slavery ? - Des Griffin

            Deterring Democracy - Noam Chomsky
            Dirty Truths - Michael Parenti
            Disposable People - New Slavery in the Global Economy - Kevin Bales

            Distant Voices - John Pilger
            Dollars and Votes - Dan Clawson, Alan Neustadtl & Mark Weller
            DOPE, INC. - the book that drove Henry Kissinger crazy - Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) - 1986 & 1992
            Downsize This! - Michael Moore
            Draft Registration and The Law - R. Charles Johnson

            Dreaming War - Gore Vidal
            Drugs, Oil, and War - The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina - Peter Dale Scott

            Dude, where's my country178彩票? - Michael Moore

            "The U.S. continues to rank last among developed nations in official [international] development assistance, giving only 0.12% of GNP."

            Friends Committee on National Legislation

            Eagle's Shadow, The - Mark Hertzgaard
            Economic Elite, The vs The People of the United States of America - David Degraw
            Eleanor: The Years Alone - Joseph Lash
            Eleanor Roosevelt - The Defining Years 1933-1938 - Blanche Wiesen Cooke
            Elite Consensus, The - When Corporations Wield the Constitution - George Draffan (POCLAD)

            Empire As A Way Of Life - William Appleman Williams
            Empire of the "City", The - The Secret History of British Financial Power - E. C. Knuth

            Empire Has No Clothes, The - Ivan Eland
            Empire's Workshop - Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism - Greg Grandin
            End of America, The - Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot - Naomi Wolf

            End of Faith, The - Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason - Sam Harris
            Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, The - Ilan Pappe

            Exception to the Rulers, The - Amy Goodman
            Eyes of the Heart - Jean-Bertrand Aristide

            False Hope - Normon Solomon
            Farewell To Justice, A - Jim Garrison, JFK's assassination, and the case that should have changed history - Joan Mellen
            Fascism- a very short introduction - Kevin Passmore
            Fast Food Nation - Eric Schlosser
            Final Judgment - missing link in JFK assassination conspiracy - Michael Collins Piper
            Final Warning - A History of the New World Order - David Allen Rivera

            Fixing Elections - Steven Hill
            Fortress America - William Greider
            Fourth Reich of the Rich - Des Griffin

            Free Press, The - an essay on manipulation of news and opinion - Hilaire Belloc (1918)
            Freethinkers - a history of American secularism - Susan Jacoby
            Freeing the World to Death - essays on the american empire - William Blum
            Friendly Fascism - Bertram Gross

            Full Spectrum Dominance - Rahul Mahajan
            Full Spectrum Dominance - Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order - F. William Engdahl

            "The United States is a society in which people not only can get by without knowing much about the wider world but are systematically encouraged not to think independently or critically and instead to accept the mythology of the United States as a benevolent, misunderstood giant as it lumbers around the world trying to do good."

            Robert Jensen, Citizens of Empire

            Gag Rule - Suppression of Dissent & Stifling of Democracy - Lewis Lapham
            George Seldes Reader, The - Randolph T. Holhut
            Getting Haiti Right This Time - The U.S. and the Coup - Noam Chomsky, Paul Farmer, Amy Goodman
            George H W Bush: The Unauthorized Biography - Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin

            Global Economic Crisis, The, Great Depression of XXI Century - Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall, Editors
            Global Media - the No-Nonsense guide - Peter Steven

            Global Village or Global Pillage - Jeremy Brecher
            Globalization - the No-Nonsense guide - Wayne Ellwood
            Globalization and Its Discontents - Joseph E. Stiglitz
            Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform - Gary Teeple
            Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order, The - Michel Chossudovsky

            Globalization Unmasked - James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer
            Globalize This! - Kevin Danaher & Roger Burbach
            God Delusion, The - Richard Dawkins

            God and Religion - Bertrand Russell
            Gods of Money - Wall Street and the Death of the American Century

            Great Unraveling, The - Paul Krugman
            Greatest Story Never Told, The - People's History of American Empire 1945-1999 - Michael K. Smith
            Greening, The - Environmentalists' Drive for Global Power - Larry Abraham with Franklin Sanders

            "If the U.S. really believes that supporting terrorists makes you as guilty as the terrorists themselves, then it would have to put on trial most of its military and political leadership over the last handful of administrations, and more."

            Peter McClaren

            Heroes - John Pilger
            Hidden Agendas - John Pilger
            Hidden Evil, The - The Financial Elite's Covert War Against the Civilian Population - Mark M. Rich
            Hidden Terrors - A.J. Langguth
            Hijacking Catastrophe - ed. Sut Jhally and Jeremy Earp
            History As Mystery - Michael Parenti
            History of Money and Banking in the United States, A - Murray N. Rothbard

            Hoax - the difference in world view between the U.S. and everybody else - Nicholas Von Hoffman
            Holocaust Industry, The - Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering - Norman Finkelstein

            Hotel America - Lewis Lapham
            How Much Are You Making On The War Daddy? - William D. Hartung
            How Democratic is the American Constitution - Robert A. Dahl

            How the Left Can Win Arguments and Influence People - John K. Wilson
            How The World Really Works - Alan B. Jones
            [a review of several books that can help readers acquire the essential knowledge necessary to understand how the world really works]

            How to Overthrow the Government - Arianna Huffington
            How To Watch TV News - Neil Postman and Steve Powers

            Howard Zinn on History
            Howard Zinn on War

            "The media want to maintain their intimate relation to state power. They want to get leaks, they want to get invited to the press conferences. They want to rub shoulders with the Secretary of State, all that kind of business. To do that, you've got to play the game, and playing the game means telling their lies, serving as their disinformation apparatus."

            Noam Chomsky

            If You Love This Planet - Helen Caldicott
            Ideal Illusions - How the U.S. Government Co-opted Human Rights - James Peck
            Imperial Alibis - Stephen Shalom
            Imperial America - Gore Vidal
            Imperial Brain Trust - Council on Foreign Relations - Lawrence Shoup and William Minter

            Indispensable Enemies - the politics of misrule in America - Walter Karp
            Information War - Nancy Snow
            In Banks We Trust - money making, lending, and laundering from boardrooms to back alleys - Penny Lernoux

            In Search of Enemies - John Stockwell
            In the Name of Democracy - Thomas Carothers
            In the Name of Democracy - American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond - edited by Jeremy Brecher, Jill Cutler, and Brendan Smith

            Inside the Shadow Government - National Emergencies and Cult of Secrecy - Harry Helms
            International Development - the No-Nonsense guide
            Intervention and Revolution - Richard Barnet
            Intimate History of Killing, An - in 20th-century warfare - Joanna Bourke
            Inventing Reality - Michael Parenti
            Iran Contra Connection, The - Johnathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott & Jane Hunter
            Iron Triangle, The - Carlyle Group - Dan Briody

            Israeli Foreign Policy - Jane Hunter
            Israel and Latin America: The Military Connection - Bishara Bahbah
            Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, The - John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt
            It Did Happen Here - Bud Schultz & Ruth Schultz
            It's the Media, Stupid - McChesney and Nichols

            "An alternative [U.S. foreign] policy offering real security would require ending the support of oppressive rulers in the Middle East and elsewhere, pursuing a more balanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, changing our oil-dependent energy policy, and replacing the drive for overwhelming global military dominance with policies for the peaceful prevention of atrocities and deadly conflict."

            Friends Committee on National Legislation

            Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel - Israel Shahak & Norton Mezvinsky
            JFK - The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy - L. Fletcher Prouty

            JFK and the Unspeakable - Why He Died and Why It Matters - James W. Douglass
            Johnny Got His Gun - Dalton Trumbo (1939)

            "There is no doubt that if we lived in a police state, it would be easier to catch terrorists. If we lived in a country178彩票 where the police were allowed to search your 178彩票网 at any time for any reason; if we lived in a country178彩票 where the government is entitled to open your mail, eavesdrop on your phone conversations, or intercept your e-mail communications; if we lived in a country178彩票 where people could be held indefinitely based ... on mere suspicion that they are up to no good, the government would probably discover and arrest more terrorists, or would-be terrorists.... But that wouldn't be a country178彩票 in which we would want to live."

            Senator Russ Feingold

            Killing Hope - William Blum

            "The fact that we've been a great democracy doesn't mean we will automatically keep being one if we keep waving the flag."

            Norman Mailer

            Last Days of Democracy, The - Elliot Cohen and Bruce Fraser
            Lawless State, The - Morton Halperin
            Lawless World - how Bush and Blair are taking the law into their own hands - Philippe Sands
            LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK's Assassination - Phillip F. Nelson

            Letter to a Christian Nation - Sam Harris
            Liberty Under Siege - Walter Karp
            Lies My Teacher Told Me - James Loewen
            Limits of Power, The - the End of American Exceptionalism - Andrew Bacevich
            Living Downstream - Sandra Steingraber
            Lockdown America - Christian Parenti
            Low Intensity Warfare - Michael Klare & Peter Kornbluh
            Lying for Empire - by David Model

            "The communists had Pravda. Republicans have Fox."

            MoveOn.org ad

            Man Who Sold the World, The - Ronald Reagan and Betrayal of Main Street America - William Kleinknecht
            Manufacturing Consent - N Chomsky/E Herman
            Masters of War - ed. Carl Boggs
            Meat You Eat, The - Ken Midkiff

            Media Control - Noam Chomsky
            Media Monopoly, The - Ben Bagdikian
            Middle Mind , The - Why Americans Don't Think for Themselves - Curtis White
            Moral Politics - George Lakoff

            Mountains Over Mountains - Tracy Kidder
            Myth America: Democracy vs. Capitalism - William H. Boyer

            "The trauma of 9/11 stimulated infinite possibilities for worry - some quite plausible, but most inspired by remote what-if fantasies. A society bingeing on fear makes itself vulnerable to far more profound forms of destruction than terror attacks. The "terrorism war", like a nostalgic echo of the cold war, is using these popular fears to advance a different agenda - the re-engineering of American life through permanent mobilization."

            William Greider

            Naked Capitalist, The - W. Cleon Skousen
            Nation Magazine, The - Selections 1865-1990
            Necessary Illusions - Noam Chomsky
            Nemesis - the Last Days of the American Republic - Chalmers Johnson

            Networks of Power-Corporate TV Threat to Democracy - Dennie Mazzocco
            New American Militarism, The - Andrew Bacevich

            New Media Monopoly, The - Ben Bagdikian
            New Pearl Harbor, The - David Ray Griffin

            New Progressive Era, The
            New Rulers of the World, The - John Pilger
            New World Order, The - H.G. Wells (originally published 1950)

            News About the News, The - Leonard Downie and Robert Kaiser
            No Mercy - Jean Stefancic & Richard Delgado
            None Dare Call It Conspiracy - Gary Allen

            Nuclear Power Is Not The Answer - Hellen Caldicott

            "A terrorist is someone who has a bomb but doesn't have an air force."

            William Blum

            On Bended Knee - Mark Hertsgaard
            On Democracy - Robert Dahl
            One World, Ready or Not - William Greider
            Open Veins of Latin America - Five Centuries of Pillage of a Continent - Eduardo Galeano

            Other Israel, The - edited by Roane Cary and Jonathan Shainin
            Our Media Not Theirs - McChesney and Nichols
            Overthrow - Stephen Kinzer

            "For the third time in the last hundred years, the U.S. has invaded and occupied Haiti. Working behind the scenes, the U.S. conducted a destabilization campaign aimed at toppling the government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. This is a message to the rest of the region: If you don't obey, the U.S. will impose sanctions, overthrow your government, install a client regime, and support death squads to crush any resistance."

            Ashley Smith

            Paradox of American Democracy, The - John Judis
            Pathologies of Power - Paul Farmer

            Pentagon Propaganda Machine, The - J. William Fulbright
            People's History of the United States, A - Howard Zinn
            Perpetual Prisoner Machine, The - Joel Dyer
            Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace - Gore Vidal
            Philosophic Roots of Modern Ideology, The - David Ingersoll & Richard Matthews
            Pigs at the Trough - Arianna Huffington
            Points of Rebellion - William O. Douglas
            Political Fictions - Joan Didion
            Political Ponerology - a science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes - Andrew M. Lobaczewski

            Politics of Cruelty, The - Kate Millett
            Politics of Lying, The - David Wise
            Politics of Meaning, The - Michael Lerner
            Politics of War, The - the story of two wars which altered forever the political life of the American republic - Walter Karp
            Post-Corporate World, The - David Korten
            Power Elite, The - C. Wright Mills
            Power of Israel in the United States, The - James Petras

            Power Politics - Arundhati Roy
            Powers That Be, The - G. William Domhoff
            Power Trip - ed. John Feffer
            Pox Americana - edited by John Bellamy Foster and Robert W. McChesney
            Predatory States - Operation Condor in Latin America - J. Patrice McSherry
            Praetorian Guard, The - John Stockwell
            Pretensions to Empire - Lewis Lapham

            Price of Power, The - Seymour Hersh
            Private Power and American Democracy - Grant McConnell
            Problem of the Media, The - Robert McChesney

            Profit Over People - Noam Chomsky
            Profits of War - Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network - Ari Ben-Menashe
            Propaganda - The Formation of Men's Attitudes - Jacques Ellul

            Propaganda - Edward Bernays (1928)
            Propaganda, Inc. - Nancy Snow
            Prosperous Few and the Restless Many - Noam Chomsky

            "Democracy is not about trust; it is about distrust. It is about accountability, exposure, open debate, critical challenge, and popular input and feedback from the citizenry. It is about responsible government. We have to get our fellow Americans to trust their leaders less and themselves more, trust their own questions and suspicions, and their own desire to know what is going on."

            Michael Parenti

            Ralph Nader Reader
            Reagan, Trilateralism and the Neoliberals - Holly Sklar
            Real Terror Network, The - Edward S. Herman
            Report from Iron Mountain On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace

            Republican Noise Machine, The - David Brock
            Resource Wars - Michael Klare
            Road to 9/11, The - Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America - Peter Dale Scott

            Robbing Us Blind - Steve Brouwer
            Rockefeller File, The - Gary Allen

            Rogue State - T. D. Allman
            Rogue State - William Blum
            Rogue States - Noam Chomsky
            Rogue States and Nuclear Outlaws - Michael Klare
            Rollback - Tom Bodenheimer and Robert Gould
            Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire - Bankers, Zionists, Militants - James Petras

            Ruling America - a history of wealth and power in a democracy - Steve Fraser and Gary Gerstle

            "The United States is the greatest threat to world peace, and has been for a long time, and not merely because it is the world's only superpower. Equally important, the United States is also far more disposed to use its power than any other powerful nation currently is. Though Americans are culturally and emotionally blind to the fact, the mere intrusion of US power is, in and of itself, destabilizing."

            T.D. Allman

            Safe For Democracy - the Secret Wars of the CIA - John Prados
            Savage Inequalities - Jonothan Kozol
            Second World, The - How Emerging Powers Are Redefining Global Competition in the Twenty-first Century - Parag Khanna

            Secrecy & Privilege - Rise of the Bush Dynasty - Robert Parry
            Secret Government, The - Bill Moyers
            Secret History of the American Empire, The - John Perkins
            Secrets of the Federal Reserve, The - Eustace Mullins

            Secrets - CIA's war at 178彩票网 - Angus Mackenzie
            Secrets, Lies, and Democracy - Noam Chomsky
            Secret Team, The - the CIA and its Allies in Control of the United States and the World - L. Fletcher Prouty
            Seeds of Deception - Genetically Engineered Food - Jeffrey M. Smith

            Seeds of Destruction - the Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation - F. William Engdahl
            Selling Out - Mark Green
            September 11 and the U.S. War - Roger Burbach & Ben Clarke
            Shadow Masters - Daniel Estulin

            Shadows of Power, The - the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline - James Perloff
            Shafted - Free Trade and America's Working Poor
            Sharing the Pie - Steve Brouwer
            Shock Doctrine, The - the Rise of Disaster Capitalism - Naomi Klein
            Sideshow - William Shawcross
            Silencing Political Dissent - Nancy Chang
            Silent Takeover, The - Norena Hertz
            Sociopath Next Door, The - The Ruthless Versus the Rest of Us - Martha Stout
            Sorrows of Empire, The - Chalmers Johnson
            Splendid Blond Beast, The - Christopher Simpson
            State Terrorism and the United States - Frederick Gareau
            Static - Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders and the People Who Fight Back - Amy Goodman and David Goodman

            Stenographers to Power - media and propaganda - David Barsamian interviews
            Stupid White Men - Michael Moore
            Superclass - the Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making - David Rothkopf

            Super Power Syndrome - Robert J. Lifton
            Superpatriotism - Michael Parenti
            Sword and the Dollar - Michael Parenti

            "The men and women who enlist in this country178彩票's military [should] be told the truth that they are not protecting the United States, they are and always have been protecting corporate interests."

            Chante Wolf, Veterans for Peace activist

            Tainted Legacy - 9/11 and the Ruin of Human Rights - William Schulz
            Take the Rich Off Welfare - Mark Zepezauer
            Taking Back America - edited by Katrina Vanden Heuvel and Robert L. Borosage

            Target Iraq - Norman Solomon
            Terrorism, No-Nonsense guide to - Jonathan Barker

            Terrorism and the Constitution - David Cole & James Dempsey
            Terrorism and War - Howard Zinn
            Terrorism Trap, The - Michael Parenti
            They Dare To Speak Out - People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby - Paul Findley

            Third Parties in America - Steven Rosenstone, Roy Behr, Edward Lazarus
            This Can't Be Happening- Disintegration of American Democracy - Dave Lindorff

            Through the Media Looking Glass - Jeff Cohen & Norman Solomon
            Tinderbox - Stephen Zunes
            Toward an American Revolution - Jerry Fresia
            Toxic Sludge Is Good For You - John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton
            Tragedy & Hope - a history of the world in our time - Carroll Quigley

            Tragedy & Farce - Robert McChesney and John Nichols
            Tree of Liberty, The - Nicholas Kittrie & Eldon Wedlock
            Treasure Islands - Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World - Nicholas Shaxson

            Trial of Henry Kissinger, The - Christopher Hitchins
            Trilateralism - Holly Sklar
            Truman Era, The - I.F. Stone
            Trust Us, We're Experts! - John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton
            Twentieth Century Dictatorships - Paul Brooker
            Twenty Years of Censored News - Project Censored / Peter Phillips
            Twight of American Culture, The - Morris Berman

            Twilight of Democracy, The - The Bush Plan for America - Jennifer Van Bergen

            "Americans cannot escape a certain responsibility for what is done in our name around the world. In a democracy, even one as corrupted as ours, ultimate authority rests with the people. We empower the government with our votes, finance it with our taxes, bolster it with our silent acquiescence. If we are passive in the face of America's official actions overseas, we in effect endorse them."

            Mark Hertzgaard

            Ultimate Sacrifice - Plan for a Coup in Cuba and the murder of JFK - Lamar Waldron with Thom Hartmann
            Unbroken Agony, An - Haiti, from Revolution to Kidnapping of a President - Randall Robinson
            Uneasy Empire - Greg Guma
            Unequal Protection - Thom Hartmann
            United States of Europe, The - the new superpower and the end of American supremacy by T. R. Reid
            Unreliable Sources - Normon Solomon
            Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People - John Conroy
            Upside Down - Eduardo Galeano
            USA - Rights for All - Amnesty International

            "The era of manufacturing consent has given way to the era of manufacturing news. Soon media newsrooms will drop the pretense, and start hiring theater directors instead of journalists."

            Arundhati Roy

            Views from the South - Sarah Anderson
            Voices of a People's History of the United States - H Zinn/A Arnove

            "The United States is a society in which people not only can get by without knowing much about the wider world but are systematically encouraged not to think independently or critically and instead to accept the mythology of the United States as a benevolent, misunderstood giant as it lumbers around the world trying to do good."

            Robert Jensen, Citizens of Empire

            Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution - Antony Sutton
            Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler - Antony Sutton
            Wall Street and FDR - Antony Sutton
            Wandering Who?, The - A Study of Jewish Identity Politics - Gilad Atzmon
            War At 178彩票 - Covert Action Against U.S. Activists - Brian Glick
            War at 178彩票, The - Domestic Costs of Bush's Militarism - Frances Fox Piven
            War and Globalisation - Michel Chossudovsky
            War Crimes - US War Crimes Against Iraq - Ramsey Clark
            War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning - Chris Hedges
            War Is A Lie - David Swanson

            War Is A Racket - General Smedley D. Butler (1935)
            War, Lies & Videotape - International Action Center
            War Made Easy - Norman Solomon

            War Talk - Arundhati Roy
            Washington Connection & Third World Fascism - Chomsky/Herman
            Washington on $10 million a Day - Ken Silverstein
            Water Wars - Vandana Shiva
            Wealth and Democracy - Kevin Phillips
            Weapons in Space - Karl Grossman
            Web of Debt - The Shocking Truth About Our Money System - Ellen Hodgson Brown

            What Liberal Media? - Eric Alterman
            What Orwell Didn't Know - Propaganda and the New Face of American Politics - edited by Andras Szanto
            What the People Know - Freedom and the Press - Richard Reeves
            What Uncle Sam Really Wants - Noam Chomsky
            What's the Matter with Kansas? - Thomas Frank
            When China178彩票 Rules the World - Martin Jacques
            When Corporations Rule the World - David Korten
            Who Killed JFK? - Carl Olgesby
            Who Killed Martin Luther King? - Phillip Melanson
            Who Killed Robert Kennedy? - Phillip Melanson
            Who Rules America Now? - G. William Domhoff
            Why Americans Don't Vote - Francis Fox Piven & Richard Cloward
            Why I Am Not a Christian - Bertrand Russell
            Wizards of Media OZ - Normon Solomon
            Workers of the World Undermined - Beth Sims
            World According to Monsanto, The - Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World's Food Supply - Marie-Monique Robin
            World on Fire - Amy Chua
            World Poverty - Jeremy Seabrook
            World Without Cancer - G. Edward Griffin
            WTO, The - Lori Wallach & Michelle Sforza

            "We are the only advanced nation without a national system of subsidized health care."

            Elliott Currie, Crime and Punishment in America

            Year 501 - The Conquest Continues - Noam Chomsky

            "Somebody's paying the corporations that destroyed Iraq and the corporations that are rebuilding it. They're getting paid by the American taxpayer in both cases. So we pay them to destroy the country178彩票, and then we pay them to rebuild it. Those are gifts from U.S. taxpayer to U.S. corporations..."

            Noam Chomsky

            Zinn Reader, The
            Zionism in the Age of the Dictators - Lenni Brenner

            "Expecting FOX News to report real news is about as silly as waiting for George Bush and Dick Cheney to tell the truth... Americans care, but it's tough to care when you don't know what's going on. That ignorance is what the warmakers count on and what the corporate media delivers."

            Amy Goodman

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