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            Africa Watch




            Africa Doesn't Matter - How the West has failed the poorest continent - Giles Bolton


            Africa Articles

            "Raise the Alarm Loudly" - Africa confronts the AIDS epidemic
            A Continent in Crisis - Africa and Globalization
            Don't Patronize Africa: Give Trade, Not Aid
            Cultivating African Anti-Capitalism
            Africa's Struggles Today
            Death by Diamonds
            Diamonds of Death

            Diamonds in the Rough (5/04)
            The Scramble for Africa (5/04)
            Making a Killing - Private military firms & humanitarian intervention in Africa (5/04)
            African Food for Africa's Starving Is Roadblocked in Congress (10/05)
            The Invisible Continent - Africa (5/06)
            John Ghazvinian interviewed about book - "Untapped: The Scramble for Africa's Oil" - May 17, 2007
            The Americans Have Landed [Africa] (6/07)
            Say No to Africom (11/07)
            Darfurism, Uganda and the U.S. War in Africa - The Spectre of Continental Genocide (11/07)
            AFRICOM - Bush's Militarization of Africa (2/08)
            African Dictatorships and Double Standards (7/08)
            Africa: The Next Victim in Our Quest for Cheap Oil (7/08)
            The New Scamble for Africa (7/08)
            Merchants of Death: Exposing Corporate-financed Holocaust in Africa (12/08)
            Who is Mogae? - Africa's contemporary democratic leaders (4/09)
            Why Africa depends on handouts (7/09)
            AFRICOM: America's War on Terror in Africa - British Anthropologist Jeremy Keenan interviewed by Amy Goodman (8/09)
            Colonialism Reclaiming Africa? (8/09)
            Food, water driving 21st-century African land grab (3/10)
            America's First War in Africa - US AFRICOM Launches Large-Scale Offensive In Somalia (3/10)
            NATO: AFRICOM's partner in penetrating Africa (3/10)


            North Africa page

            East Africa page

            Central Africa page

            West Africa page

            Southern Africa page


            North Africa

            The Algerian Tragedy Continues
            Baker's Bargain - Morocco / Western Sahara
            Qaddafi vs. New World Order
            Today's Costliest Civil War (Sudan)
            Disputed Oil Production in Southern Sudan
            Sudan: Mixing Oil and Blood
            Genocide in Sudan (5/04)
            Handwringing Over Genocide - Darfur, Sudan (12/04)
            The Sudan & The Darfur (3/05)

            Intifada in Western Sahara (8/05)
            Genocide in Darfur - How the Horror Began (9/05)
            In Mauritania, Democracy Takes Root (3/07)
            China178彩票 and USA in New Cold War over Africa's Oil Riches [Sudan] (5/07)

            East Africa

            Letter from Rwanda
            Rwanda's Secret War - U. S. -backed destabilization of Central Africa (2/05)

            Crime and Punishment [Rwanda] (12/05)
            Rwandan genocide witnesses implicate French (11/06)
            More Blood For Oil [Ethiopia and Somalia] (1/07)
            Somalia - Warlordism, Ethiopian Invasion, Dictatorship, & America's Role (2/07)

            Central Africa

            U.S. Military and Corporate Recolonization of the Congo
            Mobutu - downfall of US third world client
            Mobutu - tale of a Tyrant
            Cold War Legacy in Zaire
            The Business of War in the Democratic Republic of Congo
            Angola After Savimbi
            U.S. Oil Politics in the "Kuwait of Africa"

            Heart of Sadness: Congo
            Silence = Rape - sexual violence spreads in the [DR] Congo (3/04)
            Africa's Oil Tycoons (Angola)
            First Challenge for the ICC - Central Africa (3/04)
            The Looting of the Congo (5/04)

            Congo Humanitarian Crisis the Worst (1/06)
            Congo's Tragedy and Western Complicity (1/06)
            Behind the Numbers - Untold Suffering in the Congo (3/06)

            West Africa

            Nigeria: In a Land of Oil and Agony
            Shell in Nigeria - Project Underground
            Assassins in Foreign Lands: Nigerian HR Activist Oronto Douglas
            Days of Atonement - Nigeria
            The Killing Fields - Oil ravages the Niger Delta
            Nigeria: Shell of a State
            Path to Peace - Sierra Leone emerges from 10 years of civil war
            Bush's search for black gold [West Africa]
            A $400 Million Pipe Dream: The West African GasPipeline Project
            Blood Oil [Nigeria] (2/07)

            Southern Africa

            Letter from Zambia
            US - South Africa collaboration in southern Africa
            The Profits of Famine - Southern Africa's Long Decade of Hunger
            Crimes Against Humanity and Zimbabwe
            What Went Wrong in South Africa - WTO globalization (2/04)
            Is Cosatu playing with the devil? - Investigating AFL-CIO Solidarity Center and NED in South Africa (12/06)
            South Africa: The Liberation's Betrayal - John Pilger (10/08)

            Foreign Policy and Pentagon

            Truth Commissions page

            178彩票 Page